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Great design is like a glass of water: pure, honest, functional.
I believe a successful product has a simple design, a focused utility, and a crafted execution. These principles guide my design process.

Here’s a collection of my favorite projects that I got to work on:

My preferred tools of the trade: Sketch, After Effects, Principle, Framer, Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, Sublime Text, and Slack.

Travel App Microinteractions

Showcasing micro-interactions for a Lonely Planet app I created. After Effects + Sketch.

Work for Google

I worked on Google Now, Android “O” for the flagship Pixel phone, and other projects while contracting at Google. I love working on user flows and high-fidelity visuals for mobile products. At Google, I got to work directly with product managers, dedicated UX designers, prototypers, and developers.

Adwords Dashboard Dark

Adwords Dashboard Dark

Adwords Redesign – Dark dashboard version, light version. I did these to show some alternate styles and patterns that could incorporate into an Adwords redesign. I plan to animate it eventually, for fun.


Here’s a version of the Google Now interest picker I created.

Google Now cards

I helped make Google Now cards in a stream look better with the freshly released four branded color dots and new logo.

Google Now Box

I created quite a few UI/UX flows, protos, and mockups detailing a new way to serve Google Now content alerts right on the home screen for Android devices.

Google Now Onboarding

Google Now Onboarding

Just a few of the Google Now alternate onboarding screens and interest pickers I created. I did the UI for the Onboarding screens while working with UX professionals and project / product managers.

Google Material Patterns

In the still early days of Google Material I contributed some material patterns languages we could use on all products.

Google Local Suggest

An app I designed and prototyped for fun, just to show what possible new iOS apps we could create to make Google Maps better and increase Google’s presence on iOS devices.

HP Orbit

I was responsible for all of the visuals for this product. This was the first product I worked on that had apps for desktop, Android, and iOS. I created everything from the icon to visuals, ui, motion studies, and prototypes. I also designed UX flows and user stories. I worked in Sketch for vectors and still screens, After Effects for motion studies, and Principle for prototypes. Orbit is an instant file, web link, photo, video, sharing app for iOS, Android, and PC. I’m happy with how smooth the transitions microinteractions turned out.

This app involved multiple dev teams that worked on iOS, Android, and PC versions of an app. The challenge was keeping the visual language consistent across these platforms, while also respecting the native patterns environment. We succeeded with help of regular meetings and of course the revolutionary Zeplin spec plugin for Sketch.




A promotion video I made in AE to show the messaging features of Orbit.

orbit text messaging

The app also has a convenient interface for sending and receiving text messages from your PC.


The interface for instantly sending files from your phone to your PC.

Add Content Mobile Motion

Micro-interaction motion design for sending files from one device to another.

Orbit UX user flows

Just an example of some of the many UX story flows I put together for this project. A lot of what I do is UX flows, however they tend to not look as appealing as the visual design screens to showcase on my portfolio.

Silo Professional Network

Silo is a mobile and desktop app for professional networking. It’s different from other apps because it relies on the power asking others. People recommend individuals in their network by simply posting and responding to asks. I did the website and the mobile app UI and branding. I worked simultaneously on iOS, Android, and Mac apps for Silo.

Silo app

Silo app

Silo app

I love motion in After Effects, prototypes in Principle / Framer, and CG in Cinema 4D.

Fluid Jelly App Loader

Fluid jelly loader I made for fun in After Effects.

Scuba App Animation

A scuba app I did for fun in Principle and Sketch.

flat 3d animations

Flat 3d animations.

Modern material motion designer

Modern material motion studies in Cinema 4d is another hobby of mine. Check out my Dribbble to see more.

Lonely Planet Best in Travel App

Lonely Planet Best in Travel App I created.

Google Now cards

Attention Lottery App, which I made for fun with two partners. The globe icon rotates using javascript and looks great on mobile.


Above, an intro animation I created in After Effects for a product I worked on. I also designed the product icon using Sketch. Below, a proto showcasing possible motion for an app loading in and showing value props.


Web apps and marketing sites

I’ve done many small responsive wordpress sites in the last ten years, many for friends and family. Small businesses need beautiful websites too!


A website for a helicopter company. View it here »

Startup Smartup - Interactive guide for starting a business as a youth

Startup Smartup - Interactive guide for starting a business as a youth

Startup Smartup - Interactive guide for starting a business as a youth

A web app that teaches teenagers how to start their own business. It has a very involved learning system with accounts, achievements, levels, badges, to-do lists, helpful articles, and detailed user reports. I did all of the visual design and UX including the transitions, which are coded using Greensock.JS. View it here »

One Rincon Hill Tower II

A website I designed and prototyped for One Rincon Hill, Tower II in San Francisco. The hero images on the left and right split the screen and faded in and out at a different rate. The website was beautifully responsive and captured conversions really well.

Nakamoto's Bitcoin Store

A design I did for a bitcoin store in the San Francisco Mission district. I wanted this design to be unique and modern. The images in the triangles fade in and out. We built an ecommerce section for this site as well using WordPress. I love bitcoin and find it really interesting, so this was a fun project for me to work on.

What's near me

A tablet and web app I did the visuals and UX for (as well as QA and coding handoff using Zeplin) for viewing a neighborhood. It has full search functionality.

Want to see more?

I have more work than I can even show here without destroying the page load time. View an organized Dropbox folder with more of my favorite work, or just contact me directly.


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